June, 2022

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) encompasses several methods and techniques to detect and evaluate flaws without damaging the inspected component. These analyses are useful to ensure the quality of the parts and give exhaustive information about the manufacturing process. INTERQ project is aware about the relevance of NDT in the most relevant industrial scenarios and new and complex NDT solutions are being applied in key components of the most demanding sectors involved in the project.

During this workshop organized on June 29th 2022, Mr. Francisco Pavón and Dr. Jose Luis Lanzagorta presented how NDT can be implemented in the manufacturing process considering the future industrial trends. The presentation focused on the steps and achievements of the automated and manual Ultrasound and Eddy Current inspections applied to: 1) forged planetary gear; 2) grinding burns samples (in-process inspection); 3) complex geometry turbine casing. NDE 4.0 features (automated evaluation, cloud monitoring, data traceability,…) have also been discussed. May you have any interests in knowing more about how to implement or maximize NDT systems in your production process, do not hesitate to reach us.