Outstanding presence of IDEKO at the CIRP General Assembly, the most important international forum on Advanced Manufacturing.



September, 2021

IDEKO technology center, coordinator of InterQ project, has had a prominent presence in the 70th edition of the General Assembly of the International Academy of Production Engineering (CIRP), held in virtual format from 22 to August 29. CIRP is a leading international organization in applied research for Advanced Manufacturing.

During the CIRP meeting, Xavier Beudaert was awarded with the Taylor medal, for the best research work presented by a young researcher in the 2019 edition. CIRP wanted to recognize the research work of Xavier Beudaert for his scientific work in the field of portable active shock absorbers. Xavier coordinates process monitoring and control activities in InterQ project, as leader of WP2.

The 70th Assembly has also been the setting in which Jokin Muñoa, InterQ Project Coordinator, has been elected a Fellow Member of the CIRP. CIRP Fellows are internationally recognized scientists elected to be CIRP members for life. Due to the limited number of CIRP Fellows, the election of a Fellow is a lengthy, rigorous process ensuring the highest possible academic standards.

This news shows the Important role of InterQ partners in the manufacturing research community.

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