October, 2022

The M24 General Meeting of InterQ project was held on the 26th of October in Athens (Greece). INLECOM hosted the hybrid event, welcoming a total of 25 attendees in person and many more virtually 

Partners have the chance to review the overall status of the project through the different planned sessions that were chaired by Jose Luis Lanzagorta (IDEKO), new Project Coordinator. As WP2, WP3 and WP4 have already been closed, technical sessions were focused in WP5, InterQ-ZeroDefect, WP6, InterQ-TrustedFramework, and, especially, the demonstration activities to be performed in WP7, as they will be the core of the last year of the project. Additional sessions were celebrated to review project management and exploitation issues. 

The meeting served to detail the activities to be performed in the last year to guarantee that project objectives are successfully achieved. Next General meeting will be in M20 in the installations of TEKNIKER, Spain.