November, 2021

Interq-TrustedFramework: Blockchain Technology for Zero Defect Manufacturing

InterQ-TrustedFramework ensures a complete product traceability using distributed ledgers trusted by all the parties. The supply chains actors can exchange product quality information using cryptographic protocols and trusted data sharing mechanisms provided by the InterQ-TrustedFramework. Moreover, it guarantees the complete integration of InterQ software and hardware from security, data management and governance point of view.


Mauro Isaja, from Engineering and WP6 leader, provided a set of workshops to introduce InterQ-TrustedFramework and the novel technologies which is based on to InterQ partners. Workshops are now available in our Youtube channel.

First, Mauro provided a gentle introduction to Blockchain technology and the way it can be applied to manufacturing environment.

Once the basic concepts where explained, the approach to develop InterQ-TrustedFramework was presented (and discussed) in a second workshop.

In the next months the best approach will be selected, developed, and implemented in InterQ use cases.