April, 2022

InterQ consortium met together on the 5th and 6th of May in Brussels to celebrate the 18M General Assembly and the Midterm Review.

The 18M General Assembly of InterQ project weas celebrated on the 5th of May in Brussels. Project partners were able to meet face-to-face again to discuss the status of the project. The meeting was the perfect environment to check the final steps of the technical WPs that are about to finish like WP2 (InterQ-Process), WP3 (InterQ-Product), WP4 (InterQ-Data) and WP6 (InterQ-TrustedFramework), where the tools and infrastructure to create the PPD Hallmark and the process/production control actions have been created. In the same way, partners discussed about the next steps in the definition of the new activities to be launched within WP5 (InterQ-ZeroDefect) and the final demonstration activities.

On the next day, 6th of April, InterQ consortium had the chance to present the status of the project in front of the representatives of the European Commission. Apart from reviewing the status of the different WPs and answering the concerns of the reviewers, a showroom was prepared where different developments of the project were presented, including live demos.

InterQ consortium will use the valuable feedback provided by the reviewers to continue with the successful InterQ execution during its second half.