July, 2022

Gorka Vidal has been working for the last two years in the process department of Danobat. He has worked in all the grinding divisions of Danobat, i.e., high productivity horizontal cylindrical grinders, centerless grinders, heavy duty horizontal cylindrical grinders and vertical grinders, where he is currently. There he is the responsible of the grinding process of all the vertical grinders delivered by Danobat.

How did you learn about the project? What aspects of the project attracted you to join it?

We heard about the project thanks to Ideko, with whom we have a strong relationship. The project is very interesting for us because it allows us to open to new technologies. Thanks to this project, those new technologies can be tested and validated in real conditions and environments and in this way, hopefully, we can include them in our daily work to improve our results.

How is work carried out at your production plants on a daily basis?

Danobat is a machine-tool machines producer located in Elgoibar, Basque Country, Spain. Our machines are mainly:

– Horizontal and vertical lathes that have strong presence in the industry of automotive rims and train wheelsets.
– Vertical grinders for medium and large parts where we are leaders in the aeronautic sector and the windmill component sector. The InterQ project is linked to this division.
– Heavy duty horizontal cylindrical grinders that can grind cylindric parts of several meters in length and tons.
– Smaller grinders that can be focused on flexibility and/or on high productivity applications.
– Centerless grinders where there is an extensive experience on numerous kinds of applications from various sectors.

Why is Zero-Defect Manufacturing so important for your company?

Our customers come to us requesting for a solution to improve their production, for a machine that allows them to produce new parts, for a machine that is able to achieve finer tolerances, etc. Therefore, we have to provide not only the machine, but also the process capable to fulfil their needs. The Zero-Defect manufacturing is very important for us since it help us, and therefore the customer, to have a better control of what is going on inside the machine, i.e., the process, and thus, to achieve our objectives.

Which are the main problems faced currently?

We are achieving the objectives of the customers so far by paying special attention to every detail of the process and machine. However, thanks to the Zero-defect manufacturing, we can focus our efforts rather on improving the productivity since the quality of the workpieces is assured. In the end, this is something that will help to our customers to have more automatic processes and to not to depend on the expertise of experienced technicians and also to reduce the scrap parts.

How do you expect InterQ will improve your production?

This will give to our machines an important added value in comparison to our competitors. The machines have their own mechanical limits so more and more, the machine producers are investing in process and machine control tools. Thanks to this project we are going to be able to include innovative and efficient machine and process control tools that will allow us to solve issues even in-process.

Check out the last video showing the integration of InterQ technologies towards High Quality Grinding in DANOBAT machines: