March, 2022

Digital twins use models to replicate a physical object or the behaviors of a complex process. They are particularly useful to perform various simulations and predictions in view to send back the results / outputs to the original devices and deliver insights, provide feedback and / or corrective actions on the fly.

During this workshop organized on March 24th 2022, Dr. Cyril Cecchinel (Project Manager) and Dr. Alexandre Garnier (R&D Engineer) presented how GreyCat (DataThings’ core technology) can be used to easily build such Digital Twins in view to be placed in production efficiently. The presentation focused on the different steps of the machine learning process to be implemented and illustrated the related GreyCat codes applied to a real use case (based on an InterQ project). May you have any interests in knowing more about how to build Digital Twins efficiently for your organization, do not hesitate to reach us, we are always happy to share useful insights to the Industry 4.0 community.