Interlinked Process, Product and Data Quality framework for Zero-Defects Manufacturing.

InterQ celebrates its 12M General Meeting at the CFAA

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InterQ project wants to boost the quality of manufacturing operations and manufactured products linking the process, product and data quality across the supply chain.

The project will employ new generation of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence driven applications including: digital twins, virtual sensors, AI-driven decision support systems, data fusion and distributed ledger technology.


InterQ will develop technology within 5 modules that will contribute to the creation, extension and usage of the PPD (Product, Process, Data) hallmark.

InterQ Process

Monitors the quality of the manufacturing process with new physical sensors able to measure close to the cutting point and virtual sensors able to estimate the critical process characteristics.

InterQ Product

Controls the quality of the product with new sensors and processing techniques that automatize manual quality inspections to provide reliable data.

InterQ Data

Evaluates the quality of the data collected on the process and product providing an industry 4.0 data quality service.

InterQ ZeroDefect

Improves the manufacturing quality using the reliable and meaningful data obtained both from the process and the product.

InterQ TrustedFramework

Ensures a complete product traceability using distributed ledgers trusted by all the parties.



InterQ concept will be applied in high-added value industrial applications.




Project coordinator

Jokin Munoa
+34 943 748 000


Arriaga Industrialdea, 2
20870 Elgoibar